When you sit at the bar at the Tombs you’re surrounded by history. Each one of the hundreds of bronze plaques that extend down three sides of the glossy pine honors a former Tombs employee. In order to earn their bronze, these hard-working people spent at least two years bartending, serving, managing, hosting, or cooking (…and left in good standing). Looking for someone you know? Ask the bartender, they can point you in the right direction. Want your own plaque? Ask for an application!

99 Days Club

An idea originally hatched by the class of ’99, The Tombs’ 99 Days Club is our way of showing that perfect attendance does matter. By joining the club, you become part of the legacy of elite men and women who have completed the same 99-day challenge, their names immortalized on the walls of The Tombs. Over the years somet rules have been tweaked, but the foundational one has remained: go to The Tombs every day for the 99 days leading up to graduation in May. Optional: adding The Club to your resume under “Organizations and Special Interests.”

Tombs Stamp

During “late night” you have to be 21+ to enter The Tombs and will get a stamp on the hand.

Tombs Night: It’s not quite clear when this tradition began, but getting a stamp on your forehead has been a right of passage for decades. Instead of a stamp on the hand, when celebrating your 21st birthday, The Tombs door staff shows off your new legal age with a stamp to your forehead.

Bow Ties

Beyond learning the menu and how to make drinks, working at The Tombs, you also need to know how to tie a bow tie. Perhaps that’s why regulars often come by for help with the “finishing touch” before events like “Dip” Ball, Senior Ball, and even weddings at nearby Dalgren Chapel or Holy Trinity. So if you see someone in a tux with an open top button, just point them to The Tombs.

Where In The World?

is your Tombs shirt?

We’ve been proud to see our Tombs logo travel everywhere from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Taj Mahal, and hundreds of places in between. What started out years ago with photos being mailed in, we keep up with #WITW now on social. Traveling with your shirt, mug, hat, koozie? Tag us and show us all the places you go!

80’s Movies

You love them. Who doesn’t? Turns out some of them were even filmed at, near or inspired by The Tombs. So whether you are sharing a pitcher of beer like the “Brat Pack” in St. Elmo’s Fire or braving the nearby Exorcist Steps, you can feel like part of The Tombs movie history.